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Why Yoga?


So, why is yoga so amazing? Glad you asked.

 Not Just For Yogis 

Yoga isn’t just for yogis, gurus or people who are really bendy. Yoga is for everyone. The practice of yoga unites the mind, body and soul in a way that helps ease tension, and promote health and well-being. Regular practice of yoga reduces inflammation, and even promotes and enhances your overall mood and general outlook on life. Yoga literally is for everyone. Earth and Sea Yoga even offers all levels afternoon Class where you can expect to salute the sun, hold some warrior poses and planks, then get in a good stretch before heading back to the office or the kids.  

Promote Your Healthy Lifestyle 

 No matter what your health goals, you’ll learn simple relaxation techniques that help you throughout the day to classes to build muscles - especially those core abdominals. Yoga is also great for people recovering from back, knee and arm injuries. Our Strength and Lengthen class is the perfect fitness therapy format designed to ease low back and hip pain, improve posture, lengthen tight muscles increase flexibility thus enhancing performance in other areas of fitness and minimizing risk of future injury.  
Yoga also reduces stress and promotes premium quality of life for anyone undergoing radiation therapy. Taking regular yoga classes can help you build your healthy lifestyle with ease and increase vitality - no matter what your age, physical abilities Earth and Sea offers a plethora of classes and styles to fit into your lifestyle and schedule.  

Avoid Meltdowns With Meditation 

Life is stressful. As if we didn’t have enough on our plate at work and home, now we have work via social media, the constant connection to email via our smartphones and the willingness to always be helpful to others through that connection. Yoga helps with mindfulness and meditation, so you can take a break from daily life and learn to focus on yourself for an hour a day. The perfect compliment to any meditation routine would be our Restoratives with Essential Oils. This class is great for learning simple yoga techniques - definitely for those who don’t like to try the crazy stuff.
Earth and Sea uses only pure therapeutic grade essential oils to compliment your class. Each week offers a different theme balanced with restorative and thoughtful poses that are meant to to help reset and refresh the mind and body. This class is excellent for those new to meditation and leaves you feeling as if you have experienced a real yoga retreat. *Those who are sensitive to plant extracts and/or natural fragrance should consult with the teacher beforehand to ensure the oils used are appropriate.  

 At Earth and Sea Yoga, we really do offer a wide variety of classes and there is something for everyone. We keep our classes small for a more individualized approach to yoga. Come join us at Earth and Sea Yoga.