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Class Details


(Hatha) Yoga for Beginners 

This is a class designed for beginners. Learn correct alignment, setting up a posture or 'asana' from the ground up. Coupled with this, you will learn to encourage one of the most powerful tools for a yoga practitioner, the breath! Hatha can be translated to 'ha' meaning sun and 'tha" meaning the moon.  This refers to the balance of the masculine aspect (sun, active, hot) and feminine aspect  (moon, receptive, cool) that resides in all of us. Balance is the key between strength and flexibility, the effort and the comfortable quality that is held in each and every yoga asana. 

Hatha Yoga Level 1/2

The word hatha means sun for "ha" and moon for "tha" and refers to the balance of masculine (active, heat, sun) and feminine (receptive, cool, moon) qualities. This balancing yoga class  weaves breath and movement with attention to alignment and safe stretching and strengthening poses or asanas. The class is excellent for all levels as it allows beginners to learn basic hatha yoga techniques that build gradually to more intermediate poses. This class is also a great refresher for more experienced practitioners who want to slow down and refine their practice.

Stretch and Lengthen 

This class is designed to ease low back and hip pain,  lengthen tight muscles, and increase flexibility. All levels welcome . 

Vinyasa with Restoratives

We will begin with warm ups, followed by warming movement with sun salutation variations and ending with restorative poses. Hot/cold, Yin/Yang, this class is the best of both worlds. Appropriate for all levels of experience. 

All Levels Flow

Sequences will flow through at a moderate pace. Expect the level of this class to vary. Feel free to move at your own pace, or you may follow the instructors cues to make the poses more challenging. The instructor will offer modifications to the asanas to support all levels of experience. You can decide how far to take your body. Having done a beginning level class is recommended before all - levels flow. 

Vinyasa Flow  Level 2/3 

Sequences will move and flow continuously. Movement will be linked to the breath. Level 2/3 will be vigorous flow, with strength and breath as the focus. Arm balances and inversions will be taught at the instructions discretion. The body will be challenged as poses are held for longer periods of time, and the reactive becomes one of fine-tuning with each posture. Yoga experience recommended. 

Kids Yoga

Designed for ages 5-9, this class will lead your child through a fun, creative and mindful sequence. Yoga for kids is said to help develop muscles and upper body strength and is so very important in kids who are learning to write and developing fine and gross motor skills. Breath work and attention skills are strengthened as well. 

Power Hour

Sequences will flow at a moderate to vigorous pace. Expect to clear your mind and strengthen and tone your body. Power Hour classes will be strength-based.. You will get a good workout for your core, arms, legs and butt!  The All Levels options will offer modifications to support all experience levels of yoga. 

Lunchtime Flow

Sequences will flow through at a moderate pace. Expect to salute the sun, hold some warrior poses and planks, and then get a good stretch before heading back to the office (or the kids!). Instructor will offer modifications for most poses to assist all students. 

Restoratives with Essential Oils

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are used to compliment the classes, with different themes each week. Restorative and thoughtful poses are taught to help resent and refresh the mind and body. This class is excellent for those new to meditation and leaves you feeling as if you have experienced a  real retreat. *Those who are sensitive to plant extracts and/or natural fragrance should consult with the teacher beforehand to ensure the oils used are appropriate. 

Core Flow 

This Pilates-style class is designed to tone and sculpt the core, arms, legs, and glutes with specific emphasis on the core. Using techniques that athletes and dancers use, precise movements are done in repetition to gain muscle tone and definition. 

Yoga Tune Up

Yoga Tune Up® is a fitness therapy format designed to eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance through a unique blend of Corrective Exercise, Self Massage and Yoga. This class uses semi firm balls as props to help release the fascia and tension in the body. Poses are held for several minutes while the balls are used as a self massage tool to help relax and release. 

Mindful Flow

This class will flow from one pose to the next at a moderate pace. Alignment will be emphasized. Students will learn to build a strong foundation in strength, skill, focus and balance in this class. This class is acceptable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners.